Hi, I am Praveen.

A Postdoctoral Researcher.

Working at the Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia, under the ERA Chair CIPHR project. Currently I'm focusing on the development of mid-IR metamaterials for computational imaging. We use theoretical aids to design a potential metamaterial and then use lithography techniques to fabricate them. We look forward to employing these systems for practical applications such as multi-layer tissue imaging.

My primary area of interest is developing potential organic and hybrid semiconductor systems such as metal-organics and perovskites for optoelectronic applications. I use density functional theory to explore materials at the molecular level and tweak them to suit our requirements. These molecules are fabricated as devices and investigated for applications such as OLETs, low-power x-ray sensors, or photodetectors.


Computational Imaging

Metamaterials design and lithography fabrication for multidimensional imaging. Intial studies focusing on deconvoluting object information from different optical systems.

  • Deconvolution
  • LRRA
  • Metamaterials

Organic Semiconductors

OSC design by DFT and OFET as a testbed for the development of organic lasers, light emitting transistors, low power x-ray detection, broadband photodetectors and wearale sensors.

  • OFET
  • Sensors
  • DFT

Hybrid NLO Films

Ph.D Thesis - Metal organic complexes with improved stability and good nonlinear optical properties are studied. Optical limiting, optical switching and photothermal therapy are also demonstrated.

  • Metal-Organic
  • NLO
  • PM7


Project TeMe

Aim to convert the nationalized and copyright free tamil language books in PDFs to EPUB format to suit modern e-readers.

  • EPUB
  • Tamil
  • Tesseract

Notes on FOSS

Short description and hands-on notes about various linux and open source softwares. Majorly covering research related apps and packages.

  • FOSS
  • Linux
  • LaTeX


Repositories of general scientific projects and precompiled documents related to the courses handled, experimental/software related notes.

  • Lab
  • Exams
  • Notes



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