Organic Semiconductors.


Electronic and photophysical properties of biphenylyl/thiophene derivatives

The DFT analysis along with classical Marcus charge transfer theory was carried out to understand the geometrical, electronic and optical properties of bipheylyl/thiophene system.

  • Materials Today Communications 25 (2020) 101509

Furan Substituted Biphenylyl/Thiophene Derivatives - DFT Analysis

In this work, furan was substituted in different proportions to the biphenylyl/thiophene core and studied for OLET applications. We found the lower electronegativity of the O atom offers better optical properties in the furan-substituted systems.

  • J. Phys. Chem. A 126(4) (2022) 600

X-ray detection using Pentacene Schottky Diodes

Direct x-ray detectors using thermally evaporated pentacene thin-films are fabricated in Schottky and coplanar configurations and are analysed for low x-ray dose rates. Schottky photodiode structure showed stable response than coplanar devices.

  • JINST 17 (2022) P02024