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Over the years, I have written many small pieces about open-source software. Usually, I share them on my social media pages. Occassianly, if there is a learning curve to master a tool I used to save as gists in my GitHub account. I observed it's not efficient. So, here I am about to publish them for chronological sorting and search over them in the future.

Linux and open source software are heavily supported by vast forums and communities. But as a researcher and an experimentalist, few issues are specific to the particular field (or the person). So, whatever I share here will address such kinds of problems.

Finally, I often try new software and OS'es, and in the past, I share them as a comment on my Twitter feed or FB timeline. After a decade or something, it is entertaining to revisit my own opinions. So, here I occasionally post some review pieces and will let them test against time! 😀