Record or live streaming with OBS

Step by step guide to setup and stream

Posted by Praveen on August 22, 2022 · 2 mins read

1. Installation:

  • Download OBS studio from here
  • Follow installation instructions as per your OS

2. Configure:

  • You can use the OBS as it is. But it is recommended to slightly tweak
  • Open OBS and the welcom screen will be look like this wel.scr
  • Now change the following.
  1. Change video output as per your screen stream
  2. Change the stream values as per your need (Will see this later) op
  3. Change output directories vdo
  • That’s all. Now you’re ready to record/stream a video

3. Recording

  • Recording is a fairly easy process
  • In that selection box choose Screen Capture and Audio Output (If you’re recording someones meeting) or Audio Input (If you’re presenting) rec
  • Now you should see a screen like this scr
  • Click record and minimize the OBS window to proceed further recd

4. Streaming

  • Streaming is similar to recording. Instead of save to local file, you direct it to a server
  • In your YouTube Live Dashboard, create a live broadcast and choose the option streaming service
  • Now it will show a streaming key
  • Copy that and open stream values (as seen in 2.1) in OBS and Paste it
  • If you click streaming and view your YouTube page the screen should be seen

5. Simultaneously stream in FB, YouTube and 30+ social media sites

  • Go to and connect your social media accounts from there
  • It will show a general streaming key
  • Paste it in OBS
  • Now you should be able to stream on all those choose services