Seedr: The Ultimate Way of Torrenting!

I think during my post graduation days, around 2009, I came around the concept of torrents. Those were the times, we got used to multimedia and digital contents. As a third world citizen it is always hard for us to accesses the cutting edge educational as well as other digital contents. Torrents, whether official or unofficial, was the only source to access those things.

I remember the days, we, roommates build our own desktop computer from second hand accessories. There were the golden days, the power cut was almost null. So, we will add a torrent file and the system will run upon two three days to download the entire file that’s size may around 1 or 2 GB.

Then, slowly scenes were changed. We got some better internet. But still it would take at least a day to complete a torrent download. That time I was into a Linux app called Deluge, which I still use though. There was web torrent too. But that also struck at times and it’s not that much user-friendly.

On one fine day, I just got to know about via the online Tamil magazine vikatan. On a first read, I didn’t get its concept. But with a curiosity, I just log into it and gave a try. What stunned me is its supper fast seed collection. Literally within a minute, entire torrent file is downloaded in your cloud storage. All you have to do is either enjoy the multimedia content online or you can download it to your local machine storage.

Nowadays, excluding some extra large files (yup, I’m still using their free plan) I always go for for torrent downloading. Is there any downside? For me, its nill. For a free plan, they offer 2 GB, which is suffice for certain tasks. Even though some slowness in downloading files nowadays, I am not sure whether its due to my ISP or due to seedr server. But still that lag is ignorable and in terms of downloading 1 GB in 10 – 15 mins in Indian scenario.

So am I going to upgrade for their Pro plan? May be. Because, in a month I am torrenting about or less than 10 GB. Mostly these files are multimedia contents, and I am using that for entertainment purpose. There are few instances like, OS or software downloading I really wish to upgrade my storage. But again in terms of Indian scenario, 7$ for month (that’s my internet bill for three months) is significant, and I am always oscillating. Considering the fast and easy downloading option, may be on another fine day, I may jump and turn into a Seedr Pro.

So, what’s my suggestion for you? I believe, mostly my colleagues, friends and students are reading these. And heh permanent employee don’t hesitate, just go for their pro plan. Others, like me, you may try their free plan for a while. You will just realize what I meant as amazing, then depending upon your needs and budget, you can go for their Pro plan. And for the students, use their free plan and if you’re getting enough financial support then you can also be a pro.

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