Evolving by improving…

Few years back, when I started reading Venmurasu (It’s a modern version of Mahabharatham, contains 25 parts – spanning across 25K pages – published as ‘a chapter a day’ for the last seven years), it’s hard for me to read such a big novel in browser. So, I created a bash script, that uses Python to scrape the text and combine it to a single file. Then I had to manually clean the text and would convert them into EPUB or MOBI to read in smartphones or in Kindle. Even though, it was a bit tedious work, I preferred that way. Once I reached the pace of Jeyamohan (When I started the first book, he was writing the Eleventh book in the series and When he started the Fourteenth book, I was able to start it from the Day One), I stopped this parsing as I read each chapter every day.

Today I while searching my old GitHub repository, for a piece of code, I came across this old bash script and with a curiosity I ran the script to check whether it can still be used. Nope! I have encountered a lot of issues, mainly due to the fact that over these years, I have completely moved to the latest Python (3.8.x) and the old packages are not compatible. Since the day was great with little breeze and drizzling, I decided to rewrite the code. This time, it is possible for me write a better code and removed intermediate steps that requires bash! Also, I have automated certain things like code cleaning by the program itself. In coding, there is a saying that goes like ‘Good Code Evolves’. Indeed. Maybe the code is not a great thing, but still I love the idea of evolving by improving! ❤️

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