Dil Bechara: Broken people breaking hearts!

Personally I am against remaking films. I don’t even prefer dubbed movies (The only dubbed movie I watched and enjoyed was Harry Potter!). The reason is human feelings are universal. When we remake the things, in the name of nativity and localisation people deteriorating the soul of original movie.

But Dil Bechara is something different and I loved it. May be its due to the reason that its Sushant’s last film. Yes, his performance is awesome. We really lost an great actor. But there is something more in the film.

I am not sure whether its Sanajana’s eyes or smile, or may be her mother’s care for her dying daughter, or may be that friendly father (usually only lead males are lucky enough to get such a dads, but here it is slightly twisted). Or may be the positivity and love filled vibarant Jamshedpur! When the last time you saw Bengali foods and heard Tamil words in a Hindi film?

Somehow the film resembles Manirathnam’s Ithayathai Thirudathe and even though its not upto that level, I prefer this version rather than the original Fault In Our Stars movie. May be this opinion could be different if Sushant was alive but since the last suppers are always special this one is so memorable.

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