It’s always tireding me to switch between the tabs of the browser to accesses my frequntly used websites. I used solutions like Franz to use the online chat services. But it is not so great for general web pages.

With a bit of knowledge on electron and node.js we can creat a web app. But I recently found a much easier solution to solve this one.

There is command line tool called “nativefier” is available to create web apps in a much easier way. All you need is to have npm preinstalled in your system.

If it is not installed, install it (in an ubuntu system) using the following command:

sudo apt install npm

Then install nativefier package by

sudo npm install nativefier -g

And that’s it. Now you’re ready to create your first desktop app.

Just get the URL of an desired web app and convert it to app using the command

nativefier --name "nameoftheapp" ""

After few seconds you can find a folder in your home directory with the appname and platform details. You can launch the app by double clicking the appimage. If you want to create the shortcuts in your GNOME activities launcher, create a .desktop file with the following details and copy it to ~/.local/share/applications.

[Desktop Entry]

If you find a failure in app launch, please check the permission tab to ensure that it allowed to run as an executable.

P.S. Nativefier is OS independent and you can use it for windows as well as for Mac OS. See the nativefier documentation for more details.