Here’s my list of best’s in 2018

Best photo of the year:

Credits: National Geography Indian Street Photography Page – Instagram

Best professional photo of the year:

 Martin Stranka, Czech Republic National Award. PC:

Best research article of the year:

Public relations and artificial intelligence: It’s not (just) about robots by ChrisGalloway and LukaszSwiatek

This paper outlines several key roles that AI may play in future, based on trends in other industries, and considers the implications for public relations practitioners, their clients and employers. It therefore launches a dialogue about the diversity and extent of AI’s uses in public relations practice. The paper argues that, to date, commentators have placed too much emphasis on AI’s potential for task automation; AI’s broader technological, economic and societal implications for public relations warrant greater critical attention. This does not imply that practitioners need become expert technologists; rather, they should develop a sufficient understanding of AI’s present and potential uses to be able to offer informed counsel.

Best article of the year:

Nehru Knew Something You Don’t, Mr Modi

Instead of embracing Nehru’s ideas of pluralism and civilised discussion, Modi’s rhetoric fears and abhors them.

Best print media of the year: The wire

Best science magazine: Quanta Magazine

Best tamil weekly: Andhimazhai

Best tamil newsmedia: Tamil Hindu

Best meme of the year:

Best cartoon of the year:

Social media of the year: Twitter

Best sports moment of the year: Pujara’s hundreds in Australia

Star of the year: Harman Preet

Best book of the year: Brief answers to big questions by Stephen Hawking (Buy in

Best fiction of the year: Krishnanin aayiram naamangal by Pogan Shankar (Buy in

Best short story of the year: Puthuvellam by Jeyamohan

Best tamil movie of the year: 96

Best south indian movie: Koode

Best hollywood movie: Firstman

Best bollywood movie: Karwaan

Best movie of the year: October

Best youtube channel: Nakkalites

Best video of the year:

Best web series (tamil): Vellairaja

Best web series (general): Mirzapur

Best song of the year: Inkem Inkem

Game of the year: Ludo King

Productivity App of the year: Pomodoro – Minimalistic Material Timer

Travel app of the year: Ola

Best eReader: Kindle Lite

Best Tools app: Google Lens

Best payment app: Google pay

Best Photo editor: Snapseed

Best messenger: Telegram

Best Fitness app: Nike training club

Best multimedia app: VLC

Best smart phone (flagship): Oneplus 3T (NDTV Review)

Best smart phone (Budget) : Poco F1 (NDTV Review)

Best laptop of the year: HP Envy 13t (Review)

Processor of the year: AMD Ryzon 5 2600X (Review)

Best Smart TV: MI TV

Best OS of the year: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS