There’s a book of dreams, which I found recently. It could offer the meanings of your dreams. This morning, I searched the entire book for “focusing through a 50 mm Nikon lens” and nope. Nothing about it.

Even there were details for eating curd rice and jumping across the ocean (!!!) but nothing about this 50 mm thing. There are meanings for a cafe, Africa, copper, sawdust and even for the US mail box. But, not for my cause.

As you know these interpretations are bit complicated and not so obvious. For example if you dreamt of riding bike, you may think that soon you’ll have a travel, but, no. By Tsvetkov interpretations, it means that there could be a delay in your court cases. This is not the only interpretation, Freud has an another interpretation that you soon will fail in your sexual life and your partner will be disappointed (that might be obvious!). So by any means, dream of riding a bike is not a good sign and viewing through a lens may have a different meaning than what you think!

Also, there’s a well known rule that the dreams of first jama will be real in three months and the dreams of third jama will be real in one month (what about the second jama?). Since, mine is an early morning dream it could be real within ten days. Just ten days. If you wonder what could happen in ten days just look into the the Newyorker’s article “10 Days That Changed History”.

So it is now marked in double bold red of “highly urgent” and any researcher here good at interpreting these dream??? For good and satisfactory interpretations I could offer half of my country and a beautiful princes!