Now the government starts its drama. Many people, who are in the front of the protest, are rising their voice to accept the ordnance. On the other hand, government announces that from tomorrow onwards all educational institutions will starts to function. I think these moves indirectly increase the pressure on the protesting side.

Of course, there would be some diplomatic moves in favor of Jallikattu. The ordnance will be passed as a law in the TN assembly (most probably by tomorrow itself) and will be forwarded to the Central government for the approval. Central may further forwarding it to the President and once the President sign the papers, the reliability of the act will be ensured. Once these steps are over, central government will intimate the SC regarding the act. Since its a civil case, SC would take the act into consideration prior to the final verdict. In such a scenario, it may request an opinion from AWBI and PETA (since they are the petitioners). Depending upon their opinion, the verdict may or may not be in favor of TN.

But the point is, it would take at-least a week to complete these procedures. And there is no time bound for the final verdict. It may happen with in next week or in the next month or any other day. I’m sure central government wouldn’t pass any laws before the SC’s final verdict. Because, once such a thing happens then other states might also, request the things in the same manner. Already BJP’s leaders like H. Raja requesting army to dissolve the crowd. So, any positive assistance from Delhi is highly impossible and in fact TN government may be pressurized to take some firm action against the protesters.

One of the reasons for such a big success of this protest is due to the easy availability of basic needs, such as food, water, mobile toilets etc. This makes public and women (even children) to participate in the protest. Now the government will try to stop such a facilities to the protesters. Also, pressure may be mounted on the students from the institutional side. The big shops who are now providing food and water will be warned by the government to stop such offers. This moves may drastically reduce a part of the crowd. Many off-the-screen drama may also (its started already) be induced by the government and politicians, so that protesters may start to fight themselves.

I think, this is the point where a real protest starts. For the past few days people enjoying the protest like as they are in a carnival. When the pressure mounts, those who have guts to risk their future will only continue the protest. With increasing pressure and extended delay for a solution, there should be destructions and disbeliefs. I can not imagine a situation that the mass decides in such a way, that they are ready for anything. If such a thing happens, the protest will turns into something, may be a miracle. If most of them (thats what I expect) are on an other way, once again the politicians will won the crown.