Only very few authors can touch your soul, only very few can impress your thoughts and only very few can inspire you. Madhavikutty (Kamala Das) is one of such authors.

Yesterday I was gone through a book with some of her selected works, “Intha piraviyil ivalavu thaan (Only this much, in this life)” translated in Tamil by Pugazhenthi published by NCBH. The book is comprised of three parts: First part covers the thoughts of an elderly women who is miserable of her health, her late husband and people’s critics.

Yet there flows the love and confidence all over her texts. She shares her worst dreams, convey her concern on children, worries about the tress and ponds of her village Nallappattu and her conversion to Islam. She seems like an old pendulum clock, oscillating between her past and the residues of her dreams, yet she sounds beautifully.

She speak about her silence on criticism. She says, “I am an Eagle staying in the nests of Parrots. If I opened my wings the nest will be into pieces so its better to be quiet!”. The second part consists of very few of her poems. She is addressing her worries and wounds of life to Allah.

The soul that know how to sing : Madhavikutty (1934–2009)

Even with some breakages due to translation, still a reader can catch her thoughts. The third part consists some of her short stories. Often her writing is known for her boldness and for openly expressing truth. This book is also have such a nice collection of stories.

I wish to point out three stories from the collection. First one is “Swayamvaram”. Its about an old beggar woman who thought herself as a princess of Avanthi. The story reveals how even in the small world of beggar women the evil hands of society pokes and kill the dreams. The end lines of story will make every male to shy about their role in this society.

The “Red Petticoat” portraits the worlds of two different woman, a mistress and a maid, and their fears and thoughts. “Daughter of a freedom fighter” shows the real situation of persons who spill their blood and spoil their life for the freedom of this nation. They were no longer required for us and they are just a symbolic of some fools who wasted their life.

Finally, after a long time a book impressed me very much, hope you can too like this.

Background Image from Google Images. Photograph by KC George.

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