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1. Preparation and Characterization of Benzimidazole Thin Films for NLO Applications (PG Thesis) Download
2. Low power optical limiting studies on nanocrystalline benzimidazole thin films prepared by modified liquid phase growth technique Download
3. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of Mn doped benzimidazole thin films Download
4. Spectral, morphological, linear and nonlinear optical properties of nanostructured benzimidazole metal complex thin films Download
5. Validation of PM6 & PM7 semiempirical methods on polarizability calculations Download
6. Role of annealing on the structural and optical properties of nanostructured diaceto bis-benzimidazole Mn(II) complex thin films Download
7. Effect of substituents on polarizability and hyperpolarizability values of benzimidazole metal complexes Download
8. Theoretical and experimental investigations on linear and nonlinear optical response of metal complexes doped PMMA films Download
9. Theoretical and experimental evaluation of structural and optical properties of novel zinc-benzimidazole metal complex doped in polystyrene matrices Download
10. Laser assisted anticancer activity of benzimidazole based metal organic nanoparticles Download
11. Semiempirical modeling and experimental evaluation of benzimidazole based metal organic complexes for NLO applications (Springer Book Chapter) Accepted
12. Gravitational Waves Explained Buy
13. Evaluation of nonlinear optical properties from molecular descriptors of benzimidazole metal complexes by principal component analysis Download
14. A DFT study on the electronic and photophysical properties of biphenylyl/ thiophene derivatives for organic light emitting transistors Download